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  • Published: Mar 25th, 2011
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Welcome to The Ink Stone

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Hello Customers of The Ink Stone,

Recently you probably have noticed that the website has been inaccessible. This was partially due to the power surge/outage that happened in late March.

This outage damaged the server where we hosted While we were able to partially reconnect the FTP server, it was decided that a total overhaul of the site was necessary.

We moved the site while preparing it for its new launch which took an estimated 5-7 business days. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, and this new site will maintain better support for the future.

What this means for you?

– A more comprehensive site
– Current Updates and News
– New contact email
– More secure FTP server

Updates and News

To start, the old had a lot of information for customers when it launched pertinent about three or four years ago. The main problem with the old site was that it was too stagnant and too complicated to update frequently.

This new site contains more information referencing more current information.

We will be working on providing updates about products, printing issues, and other information that will help us inform you of changes in the store.

The main focus of the new site is to be able to show instead of tell.


Many customers know that we used to communicate with you. With the new domain comes a new email that is much easier to remember and should support a more secure connection. Hopefully the days of lost emails is gone. We will be slowly phasing out the email and using our much more precise:


Our former FTP was hosted in-store. While this was a convenient system, we also have taken the FTP out of the store for easier large file transfers. With this change, however, we will not host any files on the FTP. Once we are notified of files, they will be copied to our in-store network and deleted from the FTP.

This allows for more users to upload files, while maintaining a more secure FTP environment. Along with being more secure, the new Ink Stone FTP will be user and password protected.

These are the first changes for the new We will continue to update the site and create a more user friendly site.

Ink Stone Staff

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